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The first actual cultivation of the cranberry is attributed to Captain Henry Hall, a Revolutionary War veteran from Cape Cod. In 1816, Hall transplanted sods of cranberry vines on his property and soon others caught on and began planting their own cranberry Shipments to Boston and overseas to Europe began in 1820. In a large saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat.

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While Dr. England knew that many military members were disinclined to seek help for mental health issues, she had made progress duting her time in Italy in promoting the message that help seeking behavior was a sign of strength versus weakness. Had stressed that untreated mental health issues typically worsened and became even more challening yet to treat.

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She said she is always scared some guy is going to kidnap her. She said she just wants her happy life back and for people to stop calling her names because it was not her fault for what happened. She said she has bad dreams and doesn’t know who she can trust..

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